Monday, June 14, 2010


The cat is out of the bag...

Idi Amin & The Amputees - Disco Bitch 7"
Francis Harold and the Holograms put out one of the best 7"s in recent vintage ("The Eagle Can't Fly With One Wing") and one of the best LPs of 2009 in "Who Said These Were Happy Times". Both were released on Going Underground Records outta Bakersfield, California. We've been dying for a new Francis Harold release since the release of the LP (and they're incredible in-store performance) and we're still Until today! This isn't a Francis Harold record per se, but a couple of the Holograms look to be involved and Going Underground also happens to be the label behind this one. Francis Harold are a dirge-y scummy punk band that fans of Flipper, Clockcleaner, and Homostupids alike. In other words, post apocalyptic punk. Idi Amin have more of a mid-to-late 70s vibe with Killed By Death-style lyrics and production values. "Disco Bitch" would absolutely have been included on a volume of KBD if it had been recorded a just a couple decades earlier. It's catchy and gritty and we can't stop spinning it. The flip, "Nasty Nazi" has a similar vibe. It's a total throwback. It's simple. It's short and fast. It's great. Loving this is easy and fans of Francis Harold and/or KBD (fans of which should also check out the Victims reissues on this week's update and the recently reissued Reactors 7") are gonna love this, for sure. It's limited to 500 copies and each is housed in a nicely decorated glue-pocket sleeve. These guys sure do know how to take a cover photo, don't they? No brainer. One of our favorite singles of the year.

Permanent Records

2-song single from this California band who (judging by the picture on the front cover) feature former members of Harpoon Guns. Whereas that band had a HC tinge, however, Idi Amin & the Amputees are TOTAL KBD worship... they totally nail the production and songwriting style of classic KBD faves like Freestone and the first Freeze single... undeniably retro, but I'm digging this pretty hard. Going Underground Records

Sorry State Records

Idi Amin & The Amputees
Disco Bitch/Nasty Nazi (Going Underground) Members of Francis Harold & The Holograms doing their best to sound like a lost kbd classic from Australia circa ‘78 and they do it spectacularly! The Chosen Few would appear to be their blueprint. 500 copies, really cool sleeve.

Pick It up from your favorite distros / discos / stores . We have a little under 150 left already....Stores/Distro's get in touch for wholesale!

In today :

Neon Christ - 7"
- Reissue of the CLASSIC HARDCORE Rager . 500 press , excellent layout and sound. Get it before it's gone for good and throw away any other bootlegs of this ep .

Wild Thing - 2nd 7"
- Love this band , new single on Daggerman . Where's the fucking lp on going underground BRACE?

La Urss - Product Lp
- Great modern spanish punk , really snotty vocals. Buy it if you like Punk . Silk Screened Sleeve, Us Pressing.

+ Hubble Bubble Lp's , Photobooth 7" . More in later this week!

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